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Kordel Lentine was the kind of high school freshman who once wrote a how-to paper about how to write a how-to paper. No kidding. It was the most boring paper ever written. Even worse, when the teacher offered bonus points for students to read their papers in front of the class, he volunteered, as though his A+ in the class needed a boost. As far as horrible public readings go, it was not quite on par with Vogon poetry (since no one had to gnaw a leg off in order to survive), but it was nonetheless quite dismal, both for him and for everyone else in the room who happened to have ears. Kordel still bemoans that he simply could not think of anything more interesting to write about that fit the assigned criteria.

In a personally scarring turn of events, Kordel’s classmate (whom we will call “Mike”) got up in front of the class and read an amazing how-to story that started with the destruction of a private investigator’s fancy sportscar by gun-wielding gangsters. This led to an action-packed adventure where the hero saved the day and his sportscar was ultimately replaced by the grateful town. The point of the story was something like “how to get a new car while looking cool.” Kordel was sure that Mike would get an “F” for not following instructions, but he got an “A+”—Kordel had no idea that type of story was even an option! It was a life-changing travesty of justice that still haunts him far more than it should.

Now that Kordel gets to choose his own topics, he likes to write science fiction novels with time travel and digital dinosaurs and no sign of how-to papers as far as the mind can see.

Kordel was born and raised in South Bend, IN where screaming at the top of your lungs at the TV during Notre Dame football games was a regular family pastime. He now lives in Kansas City and has five awesome children. Four of his children have flown the coop while Kordel’s brilliant wife still homeschools the remaining two. (No, that wasn’t a typo or bad math—sorry unnamed not-awesome child! 😊).

Kordel is a CPA, his best time solving the Rubik's Cube is 47 seconds, he has a black belt in Taekwondo, and he enjoys activities that can be shared with his family such as scuba diving, board games, riddles, digital scrapbooking, and amateur astronomy.


Kordel and Sheryl on a Disney

cruise for their 25th anniversary

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