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Everyone dreams of changing the past.
But what happens when you do?


In this sequel to Beyond the Bowling Ball Bombing, Terrance returns from the future to a world without Stanley. With Blaire’s help, he uses futuristic technology to become well-known in school as the host of Football Field Games, the most popular collection of virtual reality games in history.

Unfortunately, it is a charmed life that plays out under a dark shadow. Terrance and Blaire realize that the only way to prevent Stanley from returning to take control of their lives is to locate his hidden lab. That is a task that is easier said than done, and time is running out. Terrance accidentally left evidence in Stanley’s bedroom that makes him the prime suspect in Stanley’s unexplained disappearance, and authorities, who are interested in more than just Stanley, are closing in.

However, Terrance is hatching a plan that could negate Stanley’s disappearance and make himself grow up rich and popular. If he can locate Stanley’s lab, it just might solve all his problems. Or, it might be the biggest mistake of his life.

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