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Some things are worth fighting for
Again and again and again...

In this sequel to Beyond the Bowling Ball Bombing and No Time to Waste, Terrance finds Stanley back in control. However, thanks to the help of a time-traveling version of himself from the future/past, he now has three aces up his sleeve. Unfortunately, two of these aces are quickly squandered before Stanley convinces him to perform one final favor.

From a trip to the Great Pyramid in ancient Egypt with disastrous results on world history, to a futuristic castle-shaped house in the remote regions of Colorado, Stanley continues to alter the course of Terrance’s life.

Terrance soon discovers the malevolent truth behind Stanley’s request, and finds himself entombed in a luxury dungeon that he will never leave—or does he? His time-traveling mistakes might finally come to his aid. It will be the greatest fight of his life, but if he succeeds, he just might be able to rescue himself and fix far more than expected.

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