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A mysterious artifact. Power at his fingertips. But will his foresight be a blessing or a curse?

Robert "Dusty" Duval can’t believe this is how it ends. Hurtling through a chasm on a runaway mule, the sixteen-year-old fears he’s about to be another Grand Canyon statistic without realizing his dreams of finding wealth and love. But when a swift tumble knocks him out, he wakes up next to a strange mask and a creepy presence that speaks once before vanishing.

Followed home by the omniscient spirit, Dusty learns it can give a single “yes” or “no” response each night to any inquiry about the past, present, or future. And when his insight saves him from a horrific fire, he’s eager to claim all he’s ever wanted… until too much knowing sends his life into a tailspin.

Can he discover the right answers before everything goes wrong?

sk Me “No” Questions is a fascinating coming-of-age story with magical realism and supernatural elements. If you like underdog characters, humorous twists and turns, and cautionary tales, then you’ll enjoy Kordel Lentine’s peek into destiny.

Buy Ask Me “No” Questions to challenge fate today!

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