From Under the Sun contains numerous Easter eggs and hat tips to various books, authors, etc. that I am either fond of or consider of significance to this story. Some are just for fun and easy to find, like where I included “A113,” which is the famous Easter egg that occurs in most Pixar movies. Others are more meaningful and harder to find, like the repeated hat tip to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which none of my early proofreaders found.

One meaningful example that I would like to share involves The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, which is not only an early forerunner in the science fiction genre but is also the first book about time travel that I ever read. Like “C. S. Lewis” and “J. R. R. Tolkien,” many people know the name but do not know what the famous initials stand for. It is my intentional tribute to “the Shakespeare of science fiction” that Stanley’s full name includes “Herbert George” which is the “H” and “G” of H. G. Wells.


Another worthwhile example is that Terrance’s middle name is Walter. For parental brownie points, I should probably keep my mouth shut and let everyone think that I chose his middle name in honor of my dad, whose first name is Walter. However, I must admit that I intentionally chose Terrance’s middle name from the short story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It is a story that I loved in high school, and I felt that the name was appropriate for Terrance given his propensity for daydreaming.

It is also significant that Terrance’s last name is “Brown.” This is an intentional hat tip to “Doc Brown” in the movie, Back to the Future, which is included in almost every “best of” list of time-travel movies ever made. Even if the movie treats time travel in a laughably illogical way, what better namesake for our hero than the man who turned a sports car into a time machine?

Also, Stanley's gym teacher is named "Mr. Kerber," in honor of the teacher in the movie Better off Dead who is the most awesome portrayal of a math teacher ever—at least the part where he evokes laughter and over-the-top feedback from his class in response to his lecture on complicated mathematical concepts.

My own list contains over 30 hat tips and Easter eggs. Some allude to personal or family matters that would not mean anything to the average reader, but there are many more that are not listed on this page that general readers could identify. If you find any not listed here, please CONTACT ME and let me know. I would be interested to hear which ones people have found—particularly the hat tip to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which no one has told me that they have found yet.